The Tasty Greek

Beautiful Greek coffees, pastries and dishes overlooking Bitts Park

Meet the Member


Carlisle resident Gregoris is bringing the flavours and vibe of his homelands to Tribe.

Opening Hours

Monday: 9 – 7pm

Tuesday: 9 – 7pm

Wednesday: 9 – 7pm

Thursday: 9 – 7pm

Friday: 9 – 7pm

Saturday: 9 – 7pm

Sunday: 9 – 7pm

More Members

Bella Taco

Banging Tacos with a Cumbrian twist Meet the Member BIO Carlisle resident Bella is serving up awesome Tacos with a Cumbrian twist.   Opening Hours

Sissy That Print

Sissy That Print make personalised and off the shelf stickers, prints and clothing.  The whole Tribe concept is about feeding back into the community which

french bulldog licking an ice cream

Pokey Parlour

Carlisle’s only ice cream parlour! Offering 13 flavours of Farm made Ice-cream with a variety of cones, toppings and sauces. Dog friendly Ice-Cream, Real Dairy

Beirut Bites

Authentic, mouth-watering Lebanese food prepared by an experienced chef. I have chosen Tribe because I believe it will offer me the opportunity to bring new